WiFi Not Working on Laptop? Here’s the Fix!

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You will hardly find a home without WiFi connectivity. It helps you stay connected to the digital realm. Moreover, you can access WiFi over a wide variety of gadgets. But, in some cases, people face WiFi not working on laptop issues which refrains them from accessing the Netgear router’s dashboard. That is, no matter how hard they try, they just can’t access the internet on a laptop using the home WiFi network.

Well, there are a few reasons behind the issue. We will discuss them in a short while. After that, we will offer you a perfect guide to troubleshoot the errors behind WiFi not working on the laptop. Let’s roll further.

Reasons for WiFi Not Working on Laptop

Here’s why you are facing the WiFi not working on laptop issue:

  • Maybe, your laptop has accessed the wrong network.
  • Having an outdated laptop OS can result in the issue.
  • Different WiFi interference-causing objects and gadgets.
  • Wrong laptop placement
  • An inconsistent connection between the router and host modem.

As you can see, different reasons could be there behind WiFi not working on laptop issue. Without mending them, you can’t get rid of the issue you are facing.

Solution: WiFi Not Working on Laptop

Let us now check out the troubleshooting tips to resolve WiFi not working on laptop. Read on.

Wrong Network Selection

Whatever laptop you are using, it should have access to the right SSID. If you don’t have that, you will face WiFi not working on laptop issue. Maybe, your laptop might be connected to the wrong WiFi source. Hence, you have to get rid of it.

We recommend you change the WiFi source to which your laptop has access. Double-check the SSID before accessing it. When you do so, the issue might resolve and you can access WiFi on your laptop.

Outdated Laptop OS

Laptops have an Operating System that should be updated. Over time, different updates come that must install on your device. However, users kind of ignore it. Some even turn off updates on their laptops. As a result, even with the strongest network, they face WiFi not working on laptop issue.

You can resolve this error by updating your laptop. We would recommend that you check for online updates. In case an update is available, you should do it. Leave the laptop until the update is not finished. Also, consider updating your router’s firmware. You can get the Netgear Nighthawk app on your mobile phone for that.

WiFi Interference

You might have access to WiFi on your laptop; however, the signals are not that strong. As a result, you are facing WiFi not working on laptop issue. Do you know what could be hampering the free transmission of WiFi signals? Well, WiFi interference could be at play.

So, to resolve the matter at hand, you must get rid of WiFi interference. For that, you will have to work on the router placement. It must be located in an open and airy space. Furthermore, you should ensure nothing is overlapping the WiFi signals of your host router.

Faulty Router-Modem Connection

Maybe, the router is not offering a consistent internet connection. What could be the reason behind it? Well, the router’s connection with the host modem might be faulty. It means the wired connection might be loose.

In case you are using a wireless connection, move the devices closer. Hence, the inadequate distance between router and modem could be too more or less. Thus, you face WiFi not working on laptop issues.

Incorrect Location of Laptop

Even if everything is perfectly fine, incorrect laptop location could be the reason behind WiFi not working on laptop. How? Well, the laptop might be out of reach of WiFi signals. Under those circumstances, you can’t have internet access.

Therefore, we recommend that you move your laptop closer to the WiFi source. It will improve the quality of WiFi signals received by your laptop.

Wrap Up

So, implementing the above-given troubleshooting tips will resolve WiFi not working on laptop issues. After that, you can easily access the internet and execute your Netgear router-related tasks using a laptop. In case you want to access the router dashboard using mobile phone, you can do that by using the Netgear Nighthawk app for mobile. For further assistance, contact our technical professionals in case you feel stuck.


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