Netgear Router App

Netgear router app

NETGEAR UP Application

The Netgear up Application lets you install and personalize router settings easily. Simply connect your mobile phone with Netgear router network SSID by using Nighthawk app. After that, enter the WiFi security key (passphrase) as mentioned on the router card.

Once the Netgear router installation completes,  you can use Netgear up the application to manage and customize router settings. You can download the Netgear router app from Google Play Store or App Store. You can change router wireless settings SSID, wireless password, change parental control settings, etc. by using this application.

Features of the Netgear Router App:

SETTINGS: You can manage wireless router settings using Netgear router app i.e wireless SSID or network key passphrase.

ATTACHED DEVICES LIST: Check the number of devices having a connection with your Netgear router. You can also check the IP address of the attached devices from the DHCP listing.

GUEST WIRELESS SETTINGS: Check guest wireless SSID network settings. You can turn on or off guest access.

PARENTAL CONTROL: You can change, add or remove keywords, and manage Netgear circle parental controls using Netgear router app.

TRAFFIC METER: You can check data usage and data consumption per device.

SPEED TEST: You can test your internet connection speed using the speed test option.

Netgear Up App Specifications

Netgear Up or Netgear router app is compatible with the following mentioned Nighthawk products :

  • R9000 with firmware version
  • R8900 with firmware version
  • R8000P with firmware version
  • R7900P with firmware version
  • R7000P with firmware version
  • R7000 with firmware version
  • R6900P with firmware version
  • R6900 with firmware version

Nighthawk App Cannot Detect Netgear Nighthawk Router:

While using the Netgear Nighthawk app, users might get an error message Nighthawk router not found or is unavailable. In such a scenario, make sure your Netgear nighthawk router is not set up as an access point.

Secondly, make sure your device is not connected to any other access point or network. For instance, your device might be connected with the LTE network. In addition to this, make sure VPN is disabled on your mobile device.

Steps to follow to fix this error message: 

  • Make sure your device is connected with the Nighthawk router’s SSID.
  • Turn off the mobile data or LTE on your mobile device.
  • Maybe your Nighthawk router is configured in AP mode. In such a case, disable the access point function on your router and make sure your Nighthawk router is set up in router mode only.

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