How to Factory Reset Netgear Router?


In this technological era, millions of people use the Netgear router because the networking device of the Netgear is manufactured with quality material and provides high-speed internet. But somehow a few users of Netgear routers come across the issues like router not connecting to the network, and refusing to connect. If you are also that kind of person and want to resolve the issues then you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about the factory reset Netgear router procedure so that you can fix the issues related to the router and will able to get the best services from the router.

First, we would like to tell you about what does factory reset Netgear router means so that you can understand the blog properly and will be able to decide whether resetting the router to its factory setting is right or not.

What is Factory Reset Netgear Router?

Well, to your knowledge, reset is the kind of feature that is available in every model of Netgear router. Netgear users often use this feature when they face major issues related to routers. Moreover, the reset process deletes all the personalized configurations including, settings, username, password, and Network name (SSID), and security settings. In other words, after factory resetting the Netgear router you get your device new. You need to perform the Netgear router setup to get the services from the router again.

Now, you know about the factory reset and what will happen to set the device to its default factory settings. In the next upcoming passages, we will discuss two methods to set the device to its default settings. So keep reading!

Methods to Factory Reset Netgear Router

For your information, there are two types of methods that users use the most to perform the factory reset Netgear router process successfully. The names of the methods are web interface and hard reset. You can use one of them at your convenience. But, in this post, we only discuss web interface method which can be used only if you can access the admin dashboard. For hard reset you can contact us via email and chat.

Web Interface to Factory Reset Netgear Router

Here are the steps that you need to perform to reset the Netgear router through the web interface:

Power on Netgear Router

The first thing you need to do is give the fluctuation-free power supply to the router. Use a non-damaged power source like a wall outlet.

The power cable of the router should be properly inserted into the power socket to avoid the chances of any issues.

Once the router plugs into the socket, press the turn-on button.

Now, your Netgear router is ready for the next step.

Connect Router and Modem

The most important part of the process is internet connectivity between the router and modem. You have two ways to make a strong connection between the device wireless and wire. You can use any one of them; you just need to make sure devices transmit the signals easily and properly.

From our perspective, use the Ethernet cable to make a reliable and constant connection because Ethernet supplies error-free signals between the devices.

Open the Browser

Now, you need to open the internet browser on your computer or laptop. Make sure you use the upgraded browser to get access to the default web address of the router.

Once the browser is open, insert into the address bar without making any typing mistakes and press the Enter key.

Log in to Router

The Netgear router login panel will appear on your computer screen in which you need to fill in the personal details (username and password). Click on the Log In button for the further process of factory resetting the Netgear router

Reset the Netgear Router

To reset the device you need to follow the below-mentioned sub-steps:

  • Go to the Menu Settings.
  • Click on the Advanced Setting.
  • Select the Administrations > Backup
  • Click on Erase Button and wait for some time.

This is how you can factory reset the Netgear router in a fruitful manner through the web interface.

Bottom Lines

Now, you know how to set the device to its default factory settings through a web interface. Once you perform the factory reset Netgear router process you need to re-configure your router again to customize the settings of the router. However, in case of any doubt related to router, you can contact us through email.

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