Easy Ways to Fix Nighthawk Router Keeps Dropping WiFi Issue


Due to their incredible performance, Netgear Nighthawk WiFi routers can be seen fulfilling the internet requirements of every second house. But, being an outperforming device never means that it is shielded from technical issues. Almost 50% of Netgear users have complained that the Nighthawk router keeps dropping WiFi. In case you are also among them, then you’re on the right post. Here, we’ve compiled some ways using which you can easily get rid of the issue. But, before that, we want to reveal the factors affecting the performance of your Netgear router. Knowing about them will help you troubleshoot the issue efficiently.

Factors Affecting Nighthawk Router Performance

Given below is the list of factors that decide whether your router will deliver its best or put you in a great trouble:

  • Placement of your WiFi router
  • The channel on which the router is set to operate
  • Number of devices accessing the router’s network

So, these were the most common factors that affect the output delivered by your router. But, we want you to get familiar with the most overlooked factor i.e. the firmware version on which your router is running. The latest the firmware version is, the lesser the chances of you falling victim to the Nighthawk router keeps dropping WiFi issue are. Therefore, always keep the router’s firmware updated. In case you don’t know how to upgrade your router, then know that you can do it by accessing the Nighthawk router setup wizard. For detailed instructions, refer to the next section.

How to Update Netgear Router Firmware?

Here’s how you can install the latest firmware version on your WiFi router:

  • First of all, access routerlogin.net on any web browser of your preference.
  • When prompted to log in, input the required details to reach the router’s Status page.
  • Click the Administration option followed by Advanced.
  • After that, hit Firmware Update.
  • Select Check to see if a newer firmware version is available.
  • If yes, then follow the on-screen prompts.

Other Solutions: Nighthawk Router Keeps Dropping WiFi

It has been found that even after installing the latest firmware version on the device, users keep facing the issue in the discussion. In that scenario, some work needs to be done with respect to other factors affecting the router’s performance. What you must do to resolve the problem? This section will reveal the same.

1. Change the Router’s Location

When it comes to the router’s placement, two factors must be considered. First, the distance between the router and modem, and second, the router’s surroundings. Talking about the router-modem distance, it must be so appropriate that the WiFi signals of both devices can propagate easily. However, they must not get clashed. On the other hand, your WiFi router is not supposed to be surrounded by devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies to operate and surfaces that reflect rays. Additionally, try to keep the router away from fish tanks and thick concrete walls.

2. Adjust the WiFi Channel

Do you know that every WiFi router operates on different channels? These channels can be compared with the lanes on a highway through which vehicles need to pass. The struggle of a vehicle to cross the lane is directly proportional to the traffic on that lane. It means if your WiFi router is set to operate on a congested channel, its WiFi signal will struggle more to fill dead zones in your house with a high-speed internet connection. As a result, issues like the Nighthawk router keeps dropping WiFi show up. Therefore, you are advised to adjust the WiFi channel of your router to the least crowded one. All you have to do is reach the router’s admin panel and tweak some settings.

3. Reduce Network Traffic

Changing the WiFi channel will not help you if your router’s network is being accessed by excessive devices. Know that every networking device can handle network traffic up to some extent. If you let its network get accessed by a number of devices more than it can sustain, then certainly the Nighthawk router keeps dropping WiFi issue will trouble you. Therefore, we suggest you reduce the wireless network traffic of your router.

Summing Up

This was all what we had to say about the Nighthawk router keeps dropping WiFi issue. Here, you learned how various factors like the firmware version, placement, WiFi channel, and network traffic affects the router’s performance. You also filled your brain with information about how to address the problem. Just in case you still have any doubt left in your mind, ping our experts without hesitation.

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