5-Step Guide on How to Fix Red Light on Router

5-Step Guide on How to Fix Red Light on Router

While or after configuring a Netgear router, you may see various colors flashing on the LEDs of your device. Every light glowing on a router depicts some specific meaning. For instance, if all the LED lights on your Netgear router are solid green, it means your device is working well. But, just in case the LED lights on your router turn red from green, it means your device caught some error. Here, in this guide, we are going to annotate how to fix red light on router, no matter whether it is flashing on power, internet, Ethernet, or broadband LED.

5 Ultimate Steps to Fix Red Light on Router

Step 1: If you are seeing red light on your router’s LEDs then it could be related to some hardware or connections-related issue. To do away with the issue, simply check all the connections made by you between your WiFi devices like router, modem, and PC. Just in case you find any loose or improper connections, consider fixing them right away to rid yourself of the red light on router issue.

Step 2: Bad placement of your router can also make you experience red light issue on your Netgear router. Ideally, you should place your router in the center of your home and on a higher surface. If even after doing so, you are getting the red light on router, things emitting radio waves might be creating all the mess for you. To get the issue fixed, make sure your router is not placed closer to things like microwave ovens, refrigerators, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, cellular phones, etc.

Step 3: If the firmware process is going through your device then also, at times, you can see the LED lights on your router are glowing red. So, be patient and let the firmware update process gets completed. Once done, check the LEDs on your router have turned green or not. If the situation is still the same, head towards the next step to fix red light on router issue.

Step 4: Authentication or IP conflict issues can also get you entangled in the mess of red light on router issue. Thus, make sure your IP is not conflicting with devices connected to the router and there is no authentication problem.

Step 5: Lastly, you can find yourself into the problem of the Netgear router showing red light issue if the device is not configured in a proper manner. For getting the issue fixed, reset your device to the default settings. You can take your router back to factory defaults using either soft reset or hard reset method. However, if you are not a techie, we suggest you get assistance from expert technicians.

After you are all done with resetting your router to the factory defaults, again perform Netgear router setup and see if the red light issue has been resolved for you or not.

Wrapping Up

Our guide on how to fix red light on router issue ends here. If even after following the tricks given in the post, you are unable to do away with the red light problem on your router, feel free to contact our technical support executives for quick help. They will help you turn the LED lights on your router from red to green. This way, you will be able to fix the long-going issue making your router nonperforming.

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