Router Admin Login IP

Looking to know what is Want to learn how to log in to the Netgear router using the IP address? Troubled by IP not working issue? This page covers everything you need to know about the default router login IP address.

What is

Modern networking is being used more frequently with each passing decade. All network-accessing devices, including modems and routers, have built-in IP addresses that are frequently referred to as default gateways. To access the administrator panel of the router, there is a need to access an IP address like

The IP address can only be assigned to one device, just like any other private IP. Users can access the router’s configuration settings, which are protected by login and password, using the router’s unique IP address, i.e. Router Login IP

How to do Router Login with IP Address

Logging in to a WiFi router is needed whether you want to configure the devices or looking for changing their settings. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to do router login with the help of the IP address:

This is how you can log in to your router using the default IP address. This is not the only way using which you can access the settings of your router. Netgear Nighthawk app can also serve the purpose, especially for mobile users.

What If the IP address Not Working?

There are situations when not working for users while trying to log in to their Netgear routers. If the same has been witnessed by you and you can’t access the settings of your device, here’s what you need to do:

1. Power Cycle Your Router

A technical glitch can hamper the overall working of your router. Probably, the one you are seeing now is also the result of the same. Hence, to fix the router admin login IP not working issue, we suggest you power cycle your router.
The process of power cycling a device is as simple as counting 123. All you need to do is disconnect your router from all devices and then uninstall the power adapter from its outlet for some time. After a while, plug the adapter back into its socket and check if you can now access the IP address or not.

2. Check Connectivity between Devices

Another possible reason that can drag you to experience the IP not working issue could be related to improper connectivity between your devices. Users either opt for cables or go with the wireless source for establishing a connection between their devices.
No matter which source you have opted for, you need to ensure that the connection between your devices is stable. If an Ethernet cable has been used by you for connecting the devices, then be sure that it is not flipped off from any point.

3. Update Your Internet Browser router login IP not working issue can also occur if the web browser you are using for the process is running an outdated software version.
For fixing the problem, simply bring the latest software update to your web browser and see if you can fix the issue at hand. Additionally, wiping cache and cookies from the web browser being used for accessing router login IP can also be a solution to the problem you are currently facing.

4. Check for Typing Errors

Mistakes in the IP address can lead you to an error message instead of directing you to the login page. So, check on the IP you have entered in the address bar of your internet browser.

If a single number is placed wrongly, you will not be able to log in to your Netgear router using the default admin login IP address.

5. Relocate Your Router

Have you located your router in the central area of your home and within the range of the modem? No? Well, you got another reason why the router login IP is not working for you.

It is suggested that you place your router in an open area. The best location to locate a router is somewhere in the central area of your home. However, keep in mind to give your device some space where it can catch signals from the existing router.

6. Keep a Check on WiFi Interference

Getting interference from things placed nearby could also be a reason why you can’t access the login page of your router using the router login IP address. Wireless devices like keyboards, Bluetooth speakers, and walkie-talkies can interfere with the signals of your router, resulting in the router login admin IP not working issue.

Apart from that, you need to also keep your router away from things like microwave ovens, baby monitors, concrete & masonry walls, metal appliances, large water bodies, etc.

7. Adjust Your Router’s Antennas

Internal antennas are those that are positioned inside routers and wireless gateways and cannot be adjusted. If your router supports internal antennas, then skip this step.

However, if your Netgear router does have adjustable antennae, try reconfiguring them. Typical router antennas are omnidirectional, which means they radiate signals perpendicular to the antenna in all directions. For instance, a horizontal antenna broadcasts Wi-Fi signals vertically and vice versa. Therefore, positioning an antenna horizontally to spread Wi-Fi signals up and down could be helpful when it comes to fixing the login IP address not working issue.

8. Disable Ad-blocking Apps or Antivirus

Users run apps like ad-blockers and antivirus on their devices to enhance their working as well as protect their devices from viruses and malicious content. If you have done the same, then we want to make you aware of the fact that sometimes such apps can restrict you from accessing the login page of your router via

In that case, it is better to temporarily disable such apps and try accessing the router admin login IP. You might get success with the overall process.

9. Update Your Data Plan

While we hope that the above tricks will work for you and fix the IP address not working issue, if still you are baffled by the same problem, consider upgrading your internet plan as the last resort.

Perhaps, your internet connection is the culprit behind all the mess and prevents you from accessing the settings of your WiFi router using the default admin login IP. Count as a bonus, if you are using the Netgear Nighthawk app to access the login page of your router, make sure your mobile data is disabled.

How to Change Router Name and Password via

The security of your Netgear router is of great importance. If you want to keep your router safe from potential threats then you need to change the router name and password. Some users are not aware of the process of changing router login details. If you are also facing issues, here’s how to change the router name and password using the IP address:

Note: Although it’s your own choice what name and password you want to give to your device, it is suggested that you choose the one that is not unique but also hard to assume.

That’s how you can change the name and password of your Netgear WiFi router using the IP address.

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