Router Login IP is the default IP address that is reserved for configuring various routers. By entering the IP address into the address field of your browser, you can easily get access to the graphical user interface of your router. The IP address is mostly used for the routers offered by Netgear. So, whether you want to set up your router or looking to make changes to the settings of your device, there is a need to access the IP address. However, not many users can get success with the process of accessing the IP address. This is where; this page will solve your issues. Here we have given steps on how to access the login page of your router using the IP address and fix the related issues. Let’s get started. Router Login IP

How to Log in to Router via IP?

Follow the instructions given below to learn how to log in to the router using the IP address:

Quick Tip: If you don’t want to experience any issues while logging into your router using the IP address, it is suggested to connect your device using an Ethernet cable. The use of wireless connections may increase the risk of suddenly getting disconnected while logging in.

This is how you can log in to your router using the IP address.

Troubleshooting Not Working

Many users get stuck with the not working issue, resulting in not being able to log in to their routers. If you are also in the same situation, then probably you are doing something wrong. For fixing the not working problem, simply have a tab on the troubleshooting tips given below and make things happen. Router Login IP

1. Make sure the IP is entered correctly

Although it may seem illogical, many times individuals type “10.1.1” or “1.10.1” instead of the correct IP address and then neglect to check if that is the problem. Make sure that isn’t the source of the issue before moving on to the next one.

2. Web browser cookies and cache should be cleared

While you are browsing the internet, your browser is gathering all kinds of information and little programs. This ongoing accumulation can result in clutter and cause various problems. Periodically clearing the cache is a good idea to get success with the login process of your router using the IP address.

3. To access the IP address, try a different browser

The browser you’re using may be outdated, malfunctioning, or incompatible. If at all possible, try using the most recent versions of Firefox, Edge, Chrome, or Safari. Or, consider updating your current web browser to the most recent version by navigating to its settings.

4. If you plugged a USB stick or any type of memory storage into the router, unplug it

Some users claimed that plugging in memory storage devices caused problems with the router. Remove any USB sticks or other connected devices, restart the router, and load the IP address if necessary.

5. Reboot your router

A technical glitch in the working of your router can also result in the router IP not working issue. For getting it fixed, it is suggested that you reboot your router by unplugging the power cord of your router from its socket and then plugging it back into its socket. This may help you rid yourself of the not working issue.

6. Remove antivirus software

Antivirus software is essential for protecting your machine and data. But when attempting to access network resources, these applications are known to cause several problems. If your antivirus application is preventing you from accessing the router IP address, you can experience the current error. Thus, uninstall the antivirus installed on your device and see if it brings you success.

7. Reset the router to its default settings

If nothing has worked for you thus far, your router’s firmware may be corrupted, which will cause problems. In this situation, resetting the router to its default settings can be the solution. However, bear in mind that all customized router settings and configurations, such as user name, password, SSID, etc. will be deleted after performing a factory reset. So, you need to again perform the Netgear router setup process from scratch.

These all are the ways using which you can fix the router login IP address not working issue.

How to change router password using

It is of extreme importance to change the password of your router after configuring it. This prevents your device from potential threats and adds layer of security to it. For making changes to the default login details of your router using the IP address, here’s what you need to do: Router Login IP
  • Connect your router and modem and ensure a firm connection has been established between both the devices.
  • On your computer, open an internet browser of your choice and type IP address into the URL field.
  • It is suggested that you input the IP address to its designated field without making any typing mistakes.
  • As soon as you press the Enter key, you will find yourself on the login page of your WiFi router.
  • Type in the default details to access the dashboard of your router.
  • Thence, you need to access the settings and look for the Change Password option.
  • Set a new password for your router and confirm your entree by retyping the password.
  • Click Save to let the changes made by you to the password come into effect.

Pro Tip: Although you can set any password on your router, it is advised to set the one that is hard to crack. For that, you can make your password 8-character long, add small and capital letters to it, make use of special characters, or even try using numbers.

This is how you can change the password of your router using the login IP. Router Login IP – FAQs

What is is offered by various brands as the default IP address and Netgear is one of them. The IP address is the set of specific numbers ranging between 0 and 299. Using this specific set of instructions, a device gets connected to the internet. So, is that set of instructions enabling you to access the settings of your router and enjoy the internet on your devices.

What to do if the router login IP not working?

Although we have given various troubleshooting tips in the above sections to get the router login IP not working issue fixed, still as an add-on we suggest you keep your router away from things/devices causing WiFi interference. For instance, you can place your WiFi router far from the reach of Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, refrigerators, cellular phones, etc.

How to reset router with default login IP?

There are stances when users need to restore their routers to the default settings. You can reset the router with the press of a button as well as using the IP address. Sometimes, resetting the router using the Reset button can create an issue, then users prefer resetting the device using the router login IP. Here are the steps explaining how to reset router with default login IP.

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